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What is FutureLaw

Public and Government AffairsFuturelaw - Public and Government Affairs

One of the key strengths of FutureLaw is that the firm understands the workings of state and local government from the inside out.


Landlord Property Management Futurelaw - Landlord Property Management

FutureLaw has significant experience in landlord-tenant and fair housing laws, and in representing property management companies with housing issues.

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Commercial Real Estate, Construction and ZoningFuturelaw - Commercial Real Estate, Construction and Zoning

Our Real Estate Team brings to the table decades of successful practice in land use and real estate matters for commercial real estate and development clients.

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Economic Development
Futurelaw - Landlord Property Management

The FutureLaw Economic Development and Business Services Team facilitates this process for small, medium and large businesses to help meet your business goals and objectives.  We are a “B2G” service provider;  that is, we help  a business to get what it needs from government, creating win-win solutions for the private and public sectors.

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Real Estate Workouts
Futurelaw - Dispute Resolution And Litigation

FutureLaw attorneys and  consultants understand the myriad of problems facing commercial property owners and lenders in today’s challenging market.  The significant loss in market value of numerous commercial properties has left many in a position of being over-leveraged.

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Outdoor AdvertisingFuturelaw - Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising law is a specialized area of practice, which requires knowledge of federal, state and local laws and ordinances.

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