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Tax Exempt Bond Financing

Futurelaw - Tax Exempt Bond Financing

For Class A and B office buildings that are leased to local government agencies, we work with private building owners to navigate the necessary political processes to implement exit strategies in complex real estate transactions through tax exempt bond financing.  The downturn in the commercial real estate market and the difficulty of obtaining a loan in the current credit climate often prevent a refinance of an existing loan, making a tax exempt bond transaction an excellent exit strategy for the private building owner. 

For a rated non-profit organization, such as a hospital or nursing home, tax exempt bond financing can provide a way to generate cash for the non-profit with a “sale-leaseback” transaction to enable the non-profit to use the cash now for capital expansion.  If a rated non-profit organization has a long term lease commitment to a particular commercial real estate asset, a “lease purchase” transaction using tax exempt financing is a solid way to reduce the current rental levels. A “lease purchase” also allows for rent money to be used productively over time, making available acquisition of the building over a 20-year lease purchase period by using a $1 purchase option at the end of the 20-year period. 

The “Tax Exempt Finance Team” of attorneys and consultants at FutureLaw, LLC can assist you in an analysis of your real estate assets and make specific recommendations to save money in the short term securing the real estate facilities needed for the long term. FutureLaw also has a “Renewable Energy Team” that can coordinate evaluation of your energy efficiencies and needs, and make specific recommendations that can be included in a tax exempt bond financing package.   

FutureLaw engages in teaming relationships with investment banking firms, real estate due diligence firms, energy audit firms, and other specialty groups to offer detailed strategies and to facilitate the implementation of those strategies with the building owner through a master real estate facilities plan and necessary financing. 

Members of our Tax Exempt Finance Team include Roger Bowers, Ann Mink, Barrie Bowers, and Chip Dicks.  Roger Bowers coordinates the Tax Exempt Finance Team. 

Contact FutureLaw to explore how we can help you with your commercial real estate facilities plan and with financing in a difficult credit market.


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