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Public and Government Affairs

Futurelaw - Public and Government Affairs

One of the key strengths of FutureLaw is that the firm understands the workings of state and local government from the inside out. Whether it is the Virginia General Assembly, City Councils or local Boards of Supervisors, FutureLaw has the experience and the working relationships that can be of tremendous value to clients.

FutureLaw has expertly steered many associations and businesses through the maze of administrative, legislative and regulatory challenges. The firm has particular expertise in representing clients before the Virginia General Assembly and before administrative and regulatory agencies of the Commonwealth.

Not only does FutureLaw have close relationships with elected officials, but the firm's offices are located very close to the hub of state government, only a block from the State Capitol. The Public and Government Affairs team is very visible at the General Assembly whenever it is in session and works with Legislators and General Assembly Committees throughout the year. Whether it is legislative, regulatory or administrative decisions which impact your business or trade association, FutureLaw can help you achieve your business goals by working through the political processes.

FutureLaw has teaming relationships with other consulting and lobby groups so that we can provide the resources appropriate for larger scale projects.

Members of our Public and Government Affairs Team include Roger Bowers, Chip Dicks and Timothy Reiniger. Chip Dicks coordinates the Public and Government Relations Team.

Contact FutureLaw to explore how we can help you with your public and government affairs needs.


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