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Who is Futurelaw

Our attorneys offer our clients a breadth of experience in public and government affairs; outdoor advertising; commercial real estate, construction and zoning; landlord property management; tax exempt bond financing; renewable energy; Digital Services and Virtual Property; economic development and business services and real estate workouts.

Our Attorneys

John G. "Chip" Dicks - Futurelaw AttorneyJohn G. "Chip" Dicks
804-225-5507 (Direct Dial)
804-225-5508 (Direct Fax)

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Barrie B. Bowers - Futurelaw AttorneyBarrie B. Bowers
804-726-2402 (Direct Dial)
804-726-2412 (Direct Fax)

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Roger G. Bowers - Futurelaw AttorneyRoger G. Bowers
804-726-2400 (Direct Dial)
804-726-2410 (Direct Fax)

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Lora T. Monahan - Futurelaw AttorneyLora T. Monahan
804-726-2406 (Direct Dial)
804-225-5509 (Direct Fax)

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