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Our Attorneys

John G. John G. "Chip" Dicks

John G. "Chip" Dicks, Manager of FutureLaw, served as an elected member of the Virginia General Assembly. Since leaving the Legislature, Chip has represented associations and businesses on administrative, legislative and regulatory matters before state government agencies and the General Assembly. He has substantial experience in representing developers on a variety of land use applications in a number of localities in Virginia. Chip has expertise in the laws and regulations affecting billboard signs and in the field of landlord tenant and fair housing laws. Chip is a seasoned professional who helps the client identify and refine strategic goals, and then establish an implementation plan to meet the client's timeframe for completion of a project. Outside of the practice of law, Chip is an active real estate investor through Capital Realty & Investment Company, and is an owner in a number of private companies including an eNotarization company, a wireless communications company.

Barrie B. BowersBarrie B. Bowers

Barrie B. Bowers is an attorney with in-house experience for a major apartment real estate investment trust who understands the needs of property management and other real estate companies.  She has extensive experience in a full range of property management issues, real estate transactions, outdoor advertising, and landlord-tenant and fair housing laws, including representing clients before the Virginia Real Estate and Fair Housing Boards.  

Barrie provides in-house training on a broad range of property management legal issues and has expertise in negotiation of contracts with providers of voice, data and video including cable and telephone companies.  For real estate clients, Barrie regularly handles sales, acquisition and other property transactions, ranging from easements to single asset purchases to portfolio transactions.  Barrie's diligent approach from the beginning to end of any project helps maintain a focus on the finish line, while anticipating and attending to the details of the project along the way.

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