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Today’s electronic world is full of risk requiring that access to information be controlled to protect privacy and ensure trust. The challenge of necessarily proving user identity and document integrity is daunting, yet business and government increasingly rely upon all forms of information management for efficiency, cost containment and revenue generation.

The laws and policies relating to information security and electronic transactions are a minefield of difficult questions regarding:

• Identity Assurance - Do you know who is sending or signing your documents or who is accessing your network?
• Data Protection and Privacy - How can you be sure that your data is protected?
• Establishing and Updating Document Retention Policies - How long do you retain your files? Should it be longer? How do you know?
• Protocols for Electronic Signing - Are you using e-signatures? If so, are you in compliance? If not, are you aware of the cost savings and opportunities to generate revenue that you are missing?

The Digital Services Group (DSG) is FutureLaw’s aggressive approach to harness cloud computing and Gov 2.0 to:

• Reduce Risk - by ensuring your decisions and policies work in compliance with the laws and regulations related to e-services.
• Cut Costs and Save Money - by creating a more efficient streamlined system; and
• Grow Non-Tax or Non-Dues Revenue - by devising business models that leverage trusted frameworks and platforms as part of cloud computing and Gov 2.0 both for the public sector and private associations and industries.

DSG provides strategic legal and consulting advice to both complement existing resources and identify new revenue opportunities. FutureLaw is your strategic business partner, helping you address the difficult questions in information security and electronic commerce so that you can make efficient and forward-thinking decisions.

Our services consist of strategic advice in four aspects of information security: business models, law, policy, and technology. Our value proposition consists of four key elements:

1. FutureLaw has an experienced, multi-disciplinary team with decades of success in the legal, business development, government affairs, and technology implementation fields.
2. FutureLaw will lead the development and implementation of strategies to maximize revenue opportunities for the client.
3. FutureLaw will provide advice on information security laws & policies and related technology for implementation.
4. FutureLaw is results-oriented and seeks to share risk with clients, like a partner. This risk-sharing includes our compensation structure.

Timothy Reiniger directs our Digital Services Group efforts and can be reached at 804-525-2944, or by e-mail at treiniger@futurelaw.net.

View our DSG Publications page for articles from our Digital Services Group.


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